At Riskcovry, we aim to revolutionise the way India does insurance. What does this mean? Goodbye to dated covers, jargon and painful claims processes. We are committed to keeping you safe, and all our dealings transparent, reliable and conflict free at a very affordable price. Riskcovry works hard to protect your home and business, no matter the size, so you can work towards what matters to you.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. Which means that we aim to minimise damage even before it occurs through our intuitive tech-driven platform. You can discover your risks, and curate an insurance cover that is unique, just like you. And all this, in less time than it takes to book a flight ticket- no kidding! Quick, easy, affordable and accessible on-the-go, Riskcovry makes insurance buying a breeze, with no compromises on quality- our partners are the best players in the business..

Building a business is hard work. As you remain focused on growing your business, it is equally important to protect what you have already built. That’s where business insurance (and Riskcovry!) comes in. We protect your business from a wide variety of disasters that can strike it- man-made and otherwise. So while you go back to building your business, we’ll do the damage control.

We closely analyse your business to discover underlying risks, and to curate a cover that is perfect just for you. This includes taking into account various facets that make your business, right from your assets to your employees! Some of the covers we offer include-

My Asset Safety- Disaster strikes when you least expect it. We can’t prevent it from happening, but we can help soften the blow. We protect your business property, and everything in it. Even the stuff you take outside!

My Money Safety- Losing money is, well, costly. We’ll cover what’s lost -in transit or robbed right out of your safe!

My Legal Safety- To err is human, and the legal liabilities? Usually a fortune. We’ll cover it.

My Employee Safety- Your employees are your most precious assets. Rightfully, you’re also liable to pay them compensations under various acts. We’ll protect you, while you protect them.

My Cyber Safety- You’d be surprised at how much loss a cyber crime or online breach can cause. We cover it before it’s too late.

Your home is more than just brick and mortar. It holds emotions, memories and sentimental value that you lovingly build over time. Losing them to a disaster can be a difficult and trying time. Home insurance helps ease the process while we help you make things better again.

We take into account various factors such as your assets and the location of your home to determine your risks, and craft a cover that is meant to secure your lovingly built home. Some of the covers we offer include-

My Asset Safety- We cover your home, and the physical stuff that’s normally kept in it. Interior decor like paintings, electronic items like air conditioners, furnitures etc. are included and protected from natural or man-made disasters such as earthquakes or riots.

My Jewellery Safety – Your jewellery is precious for more reason than one. We can’t protect the sentimental value attached to it, but we can cover the monetary value if it’s lost or stolen.

My Legal Safety – There could be instances when you face legal liabilities due to people visiting or at your home, such as a visitor, an employee or a vendor. This could happen if you accidentally injure them or damage their property. We’ll cover the litigation costs.

We’re a team of highly experienced professionals with rooted insurance domain experience and a unifying love for technology and innovation. With professional experience spanning across continents and functions, our team has deep technical expertise and a common goal- to make insurance better, for you.

Internet and a laptop or mobile device would be all, for starters. Tell us a bit about yourself, your home or your business and let us discover your risks for you. We promise it’s as easy as it sounds. Our intuitive tool does all the hard work!

No problem! You can renew your existing insurance policy through Riskcovry. You can also add our curated covers and add-on covers to your existing policy to enjoy all of Riskcovry’s exclusive benefits.

We promise to make it easy for you. All you have to do is report the claim on our Claims page, give us some details for us to register with your insurance provider and we’ll take care of the rest. The process is easy and broken down, even as we guide you every step of the way. You can count on us!